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JMBM Corporate Law Newsletter Fall 2011

JMBM Corporate Law Newsletter /Fall 2011


In the Fall 2011 edition of the JMBM Corporate Law Newsletter, you will find the following articles:

Social Network Records as Corporate Records
Bob Braun reviews the rules regarding the maintenance of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and the responses to minimize the legal liability of a social network presence.
“More recently, mobile devices and remote servers have become prevalent means of obtaining, transmitting and storing information. These changes in technology have demanded a legal response — how should enterprises address these new methods of collecting, storing and retrieving information so as to comply with legal obligations.” Read More.

Protect Your Intellectual Property-Review Your Assignment Agreements Now
Patent and Technology trial lawyer Stan Gibson discusses the importance of choosing the right language of assignment in order to assure ownership of intellectual property that is created in the future.
“Although the distinction in language is minor, the outcome of who owns the intellectual property created in the future is not. Choose the wrong language of assignment and you may find that you do not own the intellectual property that is created in the future.” Read More.

California Court Rules Song-Beverly Credit Card Act Inapplicable to Online Retailers
Bob Braun discusses the recent superior court decision in Gonor v. Craigslist Inc., and the impact it has on retailers.
“Because of the gap between the state and federal court rulings, a large number of online national retail chains operating in California have been hit with lawsuits, including,,, and, raising questions as to whether the Symantec decision would be upheld in state court.” Read More.

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