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JMBM Tax Newsletter Spring 2011

JMBM Tax Newsletter / Spring 2011

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In the Spring 2011 edition of the JMBM Tax Newsletter, you will find the following articles:

The Top 10 Reasons 21st-Century Couples Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement
Burton Mitchell and Elaine Leichter discuss the top ten reasons that couples should consider a prenuptial agreement, including protecting inherited wealth, family businesses and separate property assets. “Spouses are not mere roommates. They are partners, with each individual assuming obligations to support the other during their marriage and with each being entitled to certain marital property rights, depending upon their circumstances and where they live.” Read more.

Stress Test Your Life Insurance
Gordon Schaller and Scott Harshman analyze the importance of reviewing the performance and sustainability of your life insurance, to achieve the most out of your policy. “When properly designed and managed, life insurance is unique in its ability to deliver cash just when it is needed. However, much confusion exists about the difference between guaranteed, contractual policy provisions and the appearance of a substantially more aggressive policy illustration.” Read more.

A Basic Guide to Estate Planning
Do you need to update your estate plan? A Basic Guide to Estate Planning, published by the Taxation, Trusts and Estates Department of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP (JMBM), provides an overview of the basic aspects of estate planning and includes straightforward, easy-to-understand examples of these concepts. The guide explains why individuals and families need estate plans and whether individuals with estate plans in place should consider updating them now. To request your free copy, click here.

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