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JMBM Corporate Law Newsletter Fall 2010

JMBM Corporate Law Newsletter /Fall 2010

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In the Fall 2010 edition of the JMBM Corporate Law newsletter, you will find the following articles:

Cloud Computing, Part III
Bob Braun concludes his series on "cloud computing" by discussing business and strategic challenges. "Accessing software, storage capacity and other products and services over the Internet bears the promise of achieving benefits key to many companies. At the same time, cloud computing customers need to understand what can stand in the way of those benefits."

Back of the Agreement–Boilerplate Provisions
Michael Gold and Bob Braun discuss why it’s important to pay attention to boilerplate clauses in contracts and agreements. "The further assurances clause, like all boilerplate, has important legal consequences and can spring some nasty surprises on contracting parties when they haven’t given thought to what the clause can require parties to do as part of their contract obligations."

Tricks And Traps In Buying And Selling Building Materials And Related Companies
William Capps summarizes his presentation to the 2010 CalCIMA Annual Education Conference on buying and selling building materials companies. "Owners and managers of these businesses must be alert to problems which could surface many decades in the future, in a changed regulatory environment." If you would like to receive a copy of this article, please send your request to William F. Capps at

Patent Holders: Do Not Forget Taxes
In the first installment of his patent litigation newsletter, Stan Gibson explains what patent holders and inventors need to know before licensing, acquiring, or settling a lawsuit involving intellectual property. "Inventors and patent holders should consult their tax professionals early in the process and certainly before a license or a settlement agreement is consummated."

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