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JMBM Corporate Law Newsletter Winter 2010

JMBM Corporate Law Newsletter / Winter 2010

In the Winter 2010 edition of the JMBM Corporate Law newsletter, you will find the following articles:

Cloud Computing
Bob Braun defines “cloud computing” and discusses some of its benefits. “This growing trend toward Internet-based computing services – commonly referred to as ‘cloud computing’ – is one of the most significant developments in computer services. Many companies find the savings to be compelling.”

Creditors’ Rights: California Now Allows Personal Property Judgment Liens to be Extended for more than Five Years
Dick Rogan’s latest column examines recent changes to California’s property judgment laws and what it means for lenders. “Starting on January 1, 2010, California will finally bring its personal property judgment lien into parity with its real property judgment lien. The practical effect of the new law is to allow a judgment creditor to file a continuation statement to extend a judgment lien.”

Employee Monitoring in an Electronic Age
Maryam Maleki explores the issues arising from monitoring employees’ online activities and what steps employers can take to make sure their employees are aware of company policies regarding online monitoring. “While there appears to be a great latitude, whether an employer can monitor employees is, in actuality, a fact-specific inquiry dependent upon the analysis of specific company practices.”

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