Equipment Lease and Finance Group

The Significance of a Security Interest in Proceeds

In equipment leasing (and other secured transactions), the Security Agreement and financing statement (UCC-1) typically include at the end of the description of collateral a reference to the “proceeds” of the collateral securing the lease payments or loan payments.  What are proceeds?  Under what circumstances is the security interest in the original collateral lost because […]

Intellectual Property and Patent Litigation Group

Apple v. Samsung: The Federal Circuit Reverses the District Court and Sets New Standards for Obtaining Permanent Injunctions in Patent Infringement Actions

  As the ongoing war between Apple and Samsung continues, one of the key questions facing both parties is whether Apple can ultimately obtain permanent injunctive relief against Samsung in addition to a significant damages award.  The district court initially answered that question in the negative.  On appeal, however, the Federal Circuit reversed.  It held […]